Juice Junction Solves Every Working Woman’s Main Dilemma


Spending a considerable amount of time each morning pondering about what to prepare for lunch is almost every woman’s story. Worse still if you’re a working mom! You’ve been preparing shortcut meals to save time like filling your kids Tiffin boxes up with curd rice and lemon rice that they’ve now begun to complain of having had enough. And multitasking between getting ready for work and seeing to household affairs within the early hours of the morning can certainly be challenging sometimes. But if you’re the lady who is willing to find an effective solution no matter what, then we have some news that you will surely find insightful!

Now you can pack some yummy, nutritious lunch which will keep your kids excited about lunch break every single day! Juice junction food courts offer a wide and wholesome variety of sandwiches which include Channa Masala Grill, Palak Paneer Grill , Potato Onion Cheese Grill and a lot more grilled and plain sandwiches. Among North Indian, South Indian and Chinese cuisine, Juice Junction also offers a creative twist to the traditional Maggi Noodles. With mouth-watering options like: Mushroom Maggi and Paneer Maggi, your dilemma of giving your kids something new, tasty and wholesome has now reached an end.

So where can I find the nearest Juice Junction food court? Juice Junction has several food court centres spread across the city. Depending on your convenience, you can now visit the Juice Junction branches located either in HSR Layout,27th main or Koramangala food court  located opposite Koramangala Club.


City Fast Food Served Healthy at Juice Junction

As the New Year approaches, most of us Bangaloreans‘ time and again wind up making the same old resolution.

Let’s confess, it often sounds like, “This year I’m going to get fit!” Soon after, with great determination we enrol ourselves in fitness centres and even go on a diet. But then again, those diet regimes are sadly short lived. In truth, diets for the most of us are impractical! We live in fast-paced Bangalore, and in turn, this fast-paced lifestyle often means picking up fast food from a convenient location. And if you want to make sure that you’re making the right choice when it comes to picking up healthy and tasty food from a hygienic environment, pay close attention for the answer!

Busy Bangalore

In a city where refreshments and fast food are commonly available in almost every street, finding one that caringly caters to its customers every need is much less common. Juice Junction, a growing chain of refreshments & fast food outlets ensures fulfilling customers on every level. And how do the Juice Junction outlets achieve this state? At the several Juice Junction outlets located in Koramangala, HSR Layout, Basavanagudi, etc. customers can be assured that they receive a meal full of goodness as the refreshments & fast food brand truly care at providing its customers with taste, quality, variety, quantity, completely fresh and unadulterated meals & juices, a clean environment   and all of this at very affordable costs!

Due to Juice Junction’s commitment of providing their customers with the very best, over the years, the refreshments & fast food brand have also gained the trust and reputation from some of Bangalore’s largest and well acclaimed companies. The clientele of the Juice Junction refreshments & fast food brand has now expanded to include: Infosys, Juniper Networks, Nokia Siemens Networks and Gopalan Enterprises to name a few.