Beat the heat! Here are some of the best Juices to keep you rehydrated, this summer!

Are you sick of feeling like a dried up twig all day? Not to worry.  Keep yourself rehydrated this summer. What’s better than something cold and refreshing to wash away all your stress and weariness? Just walk outside and grab some of the most refreshingly delicious juices available at Juice Junction!


Watermelon Juice:

 watermelon juice

Watermelon is a summertime favorite fruit all around the world. It is supposed to have the most water content amongst all the fruits. Why do you have to spit out watermelon seeds after every bite, when you can just drink the equally rich and refreshing Watermelon Juice available at our outlets?


Mango Juice:


Mango is the most popular fruit in India, during the summer season. Kids and grownups alike are seen relishing delicious mangoes all over India during the summer. We use the freshest and the sweetest mangoes, from all over India to serve you all the smoothest and the thickest Mango Juice you have ever had.


Strawberry Juice:


Strawberries are known to contain 91% water. Plus they are an excellent source of Vitamin C. We at Juice junction bring you the tastiest, the coldest and the most rejuvenating Strawberry Juice you can find.

Papaya Juice:


Standing at 81%, Papaya is one of those fruits, that have a big percentage of water content. Apart from rehydrating the body, Papaya is also for the release of enzymes that help with digestion. We get some of the freshest Papayas delivered to us, so we can offer you our mouthwatering Papaya juice.

Musk Melon Juice:


Musk Melon contains beta carotene, which is good against heart ailments. It also helps a lot with weight loss. So, all you joggers out there, who are sweating themselves to lose weight in the summer, do come and refresh yourself with our awesome Musk Juice.

Lime juice:


Sometimes, just simple lemonade is all it takes to make the heat go away. That’s what we exactly bring you. A simple, but very tasty Lime Juice.

Lime Soda:


Lime Juice with Soda. Just genius. Whoever came up with the idea must have been really thirsty. Also, he did manage to quench his thirst. We will help you do the same. We serve some of the most bubbly and cold Lime Soda available in Bangalore.


So, we hope that all of you exhausted souls would take the opportunity this summer to come and visit our outlets, so that we can do what we do best and quench your thirst. Remember, When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But, when you tell us to make lemonade, we make it better at our Juice Junction outlets.


Breakfast at Juice Junction

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. As Bangaloreans, we always have a sense of urgency in the morning. Skipping breakfast leads to a drop in energy, concentration and overall well being. Some studies state that skipping breakfast on a long term basis leads to diabetes. So when you’re on your way to work, Juice Junction has got
you covered.

Why don’t you come on down for our traditional breakfast dishes?

The perfect South Indian breakfast has always been idli, vada and sambar. It’s the coffee of food – they go together.


Known for its perfect combination of sugar and spice, Chow Chow Bath is a mixture of two of our favourite dishes – Kesari Bath and Khara Bath. With the diverse yet similar mixture of rava with sugar and spice in these two dishes served together, you will be prepared for anything that lies ahead.


Or may be you’re the dosa sorta person. Who wouldn’t be? A long steaming piece of south Indian goodness to digest and devour… you can almost smell the chutney next to it just thinking about it.
And we don’t want to keep you starved and starved for choice too!

Choose from our selection of:

Plain Dosa

Masala Dosa

Neer Dosa

Set Dosa

Rava Dosa

Onion Dosa

And it doesn’t end there! We’ve a wonderful combination of choices too – Rava Masala Dosa, Rava Onion Dosa, Butter Masala Dosa… it’s all just a taste away.

We still remember our loyal customers who come with the intention of a more English breakfast – toast and juice.
Bread, Butter and Jam – toasted to perfection, is one of our highest selling specialities.

Some of our customers like to step it up to a more luncheon affair – Grill Sandwiches!
And at Juice Junction, you definitely aren’t short of choice for Juice!



So come on down. Hit Juice Junction on the way to work in the morning. You’ll be surprised at how much happier you’d be afterwards

Sandwich Mania

In previous posts on this blog, we have spoken to you about cuisine that’s entirely indigenous, influenced by Chinese dishes and of course – what to wash it down with. This week, we’re going to take a look at Juice Junction’s variation on the classic dish of the west, what The Wall Street Journal once called “Britain’s biggest contribution to gastronomy” – the sandwich.

The sandwich, as we know it today, is often attributed to John Mantagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. He used to ask for meat tucked between two pieces of bread during card games, preferring it all other forms of food because he could eat it without cutlery and greasy hands and never leaving the gaming table. And what a convenience it is!

From the centuries since then, there has been a lot of variation on the recipe. At Juice Junction, we bring you the grilled variety, and unlike Mantagu, we present pure vegetarian sandwiches. Take a look at our selection:

Veg Grill:

Fresh vegetables put between two fresh slices of bread with our special sauce and grilled.

Veg Cheese Grill:

Grated cheese, sprinkled generously amidst the veggies and grilled.

Onion Cheese Grill:


Fresh onions, on top of our special sauce, mixed with grated cheese to form a unique tasting sandwich.

Potato Onion Cheese Grill:


The deliciousness of the sandwich above with a mixture of cooked aloo.

Potato Cheese Grill:


The combination of cooked aloo and cheese, over our special sauce, grilled between two fresh slices of bread.

Paneer Veg Grill:


Indian cottage cheese, mixed with fresh vegetables and special sauce, grilled to perfection.

Paneer Cheese Grill:


Indian cottage cheese mixed with mozzarella cheese, grated over our special sauce and grilled.

As with all of our products, you can take it away. So come to us to pick up a ready made meal for later, or you can enjoy the sandwich at any of our branches, fresh off the grill.

Chinese specials at Juice Junction

For centuries, there has been an active Chinese community in Kolkota that has been doling out their fusion recipes to a thriving hungry market. It is because of these people that we call noodles, manchurian and the like Chinese food even though it doesn’t even come from China. This uniquely Indian “Chinese” food has conquered the globe as an Indian phenomenon, popular as snacks or even meals in their own right.

And why wouldn’t they be popular? Just take a look at what Juice Junction has on the menu:

Gobi Manchurian

Try convincing a child to eat all his vegetables, lay on a lot of cauliflower. That plate of food is going to remain uneaten. And then the child will convince everyone else to get some gobi. It’s transformative!

How does this

turn into this?


And gobi comes in other varieties apart from the popular gobi manchurian.

Try our Gobi 65 variation

gobi 65

Or may be you’d like it spicy then Gobi Chilli’s for you

gobi chilli

After a few days of feasting on Gobi at Juice Junction, surely you’d want to see what else is available. And we won’t disappoint you – the variety will keep you coming for weeks on end!

Look at this spread of Paneer Manchurian

paneer manchurian

Mushroom Manchurian


Baby Corn Manchurian

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Paneer Chilli

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Mushroom Chilli


Baby Corn Chilli

babycorn chilli

And we have some other specialities for you too! In years gone by, a new kind of manchurian has swept the town. What is essentially palak, or spinach, has come to be known by an amusing malapropism – Spanish Manchurian. Try out our Popeye variation on Chinese!

And hardly ever found, but in much demand from our customers, we’ve added two other items to the menu:

Aloo Manchurian


Veg Manchurian – You get all the veggies!


And where would we be without our Pepper Drys? With that characteristic flavour of a few curry leaves and that soft texture, it comes in two forms:

Mushroom Pepper Dry


Paneer Pepper Dry


Come back next time to see our second half of our Chinese selections with noodles and rice. Meanwhile, the next time you’re meeting someone, why don’t you try some paneer? A lot can happen over Chinese!

South Indian Special

Recently, this author came across a strange press release about dosas. It’s not that our South Indian dishes don’t make headlines, they do. What was strange was that this was on a blog about start ups in Washington,
D.C. A few link sharing hours later, a few of my friends and I sat dreaming of the breakfast to come – it was around three o clock in the morning. It was the first time we had a real hunger for our very own south Indian cuisine – Idlies, Vadas, Dosas, Khara Bath, Kesari Bath and so many other dishes. People on the other side of the world were enjoying dosas made by an NRI, describing it to each other as like, “crepes,” being ordered by the politicians who work at The White House.

And here I am, minutes away from the most authentic selection of South Indian breakfast food, made with South Indian ingredients by Residing Indians. And that’s exactly what you’ll get at Juice Junction, where we have your favourites on the menu, as tasty as the local cuisine is famous for, served hot and fresh anytime you order.


If you look at the Idli, at first you just see a breakfast dish. Looking closer, you find it a nice accompaniment with Vada. What about immersing the idli wholly into a bowl of sambar? And it isn’t just breakfast! It makes as the perfect snack en route, something to fill your stomach before a night out, that perfect evening companion – whatever you need. People
crush their idlis in sambar before eating it like upma. How would you prefer your idli?


Or may be you’d like the Rava Variation?


And let’s not forget their ever popular sidekick, the vada!


And where do we even begin with dosas? We have so many varieties and they
all seem to be equally popular. Our dosa maestro is certainly obliging of
the vast menu!

Would you like the kind that goes with sambar?

Or the ones that go with sagghu?

Or the Rava Variation?

We have many others, drop by and see if you can find a new dosa you like!

If those don’t tickle your fancy, how about some nice poori?
32565464847fe6d208eafd8aba90cd82 (1)

And you definitely can’t go wrong with a Khara Bath. Or even a Kesari
Bath. Or together – the Chow Chow (Both) (Bahaut) Bath 😀
Chow-Chow Bhath 3
And it doesn’t end there. Drop by to taste our akki rotis, pakodas and
staples of South Indian food.

Introducing the all time favourite classics

Twenty five days into the new year, life seems to be going back to the way it was. We’ve stopped forgetting to write 15 instead of 14 when we write the date, we’re back to hours in front of the TV instead of at the gym. At the beginning of the year, we posted about New Year’s Resolutions.
How many of you have stayed on track till this third week? The trick to keeping any resolution is to pay attention to the not-so-obvious. Being healthy begins with drinking healthy and what’s healthier than fruit juice?

Let’s look at some age old favourites:

Innocent OJ

A glass of orange juice gives you your recommended amount of daily vitamin C intake. Infused with folic acid, potassium and antioxidants, OJ is the perfect accompaniment to any meal or a delight on its own.


Watermelons are 95% water.
Jellyfish are 97% though!

Watermelon juice keeps the heart healthy as it is very rich source of Lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that helps to defuse ‘free radicals’ that could potentially damage tissues and organs of the body. The presence of Lycopene in it is also beneficial for the skin as the antioxidants tend to decrease free radicals from the body and retards the process of aging
quite effectively.


Grape Juice. Not Grape Drink. Sorry, Dave.

Flavonoids found in grape juice raise the level of HDL (good) cholesterol. This prevents blockage of arteries and the heart remains healthy. Resveratrol found in grape juice has been shown to prevent the formation of tumors in certain cases and is hence anticarcinogenic. Purple-colored grape juice has been known to help prevent breast cancer.


Pineapple juice with Shawn Spencer?

Pineapple juice contains the enzyme bromelain which is beneficial in preventing coughs and colds and other flu symptoms. It improves breathing by thinning mucus in the respiratory system. Bromelain breaks down the naturally occurring protein fibrin which helps the clotting of blood. Taking bromelain properly helps to lessen pain in arthritis. It is also beneficial in inflammatory conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea.


Want a real drink?

Fruit juice intake in general has been associated with decreasing the risk of developing various types of cancers, preventing the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease and some studies indicate that it might prevent strokes.

Want some juice? Drop by a Juice Junction today. You might just keep your New Year’s Resolutions. Or you’d at least keep the year new.

Chaats – The classic Indian evening snack!

It was December 16th, 2014. This writer has gone with a friend to pick up another from the airport. This Indian student returns for the Christmas holidays after a term in a German university. After 45 minutes of
elaborating the food and culture of a German town, he stops and say, “Forget everything. You know what I miss most? Pani puri, masala puri, chaat man. There’s only one thing back home that I can’t get anywhere

And it’s true. Chaat is a uniquely Indian style of cuisine that, unlike a lot of other Indian styles, is made only in our home country. Recently, it was listed as the number one thing that the American President Barack
Obama should do on a visit to India.
[citation –]

Certainly, Chaat and Indian Street Food have made an international impression of their flavour and cultural importance. And with what variety! Pani puri, originating in what is now south Bihar as Gol Gappa, has had so many nuanced changes in recipe as it moved down to Bengaluru.The same with bhel puri, sev puri, dahi puri, masala puri and so many interesting combinations too!

PAANI PURI – Choose to make it sweet or extra spicy or
may be you want the sukka puri – without the pani at all!


Bhel Puri – Got your own twist? Extra spice with a
little lemon? Some masala with no tomatoes? Choose your bhel puri!

Vada Pav – We make them when you want them, so you’re
never chewing a cold version of this delicious aloo treat. Try it with an
extra chilly, you’ll be surprised!

2ef3789396557057084de785d19956aa (1)

Kachori and Samosa – Plain to experience its own taste
or as a chaat, mixed with fresh veggies and masala, the kachori and the
samosa are loved by travellers on journeys.

Dahi Puri – When you want something spicy or sweet and
curd to wash down that great taste.

At Juice Junction, we provide the entire stretch of chaat, so look no further for those hot vada pavs or kachoris, made fresh and right in front of you. Check out our stomach fillers at one of our branches today where we keep the food in street food and you keep healthy too.

Keeping to the nature of variety, we’ve our very own speciality: mixed fruit bhel puri. A steady mix of spice, sweeteners, fresh vegetables and fruit.

Juice Junction Solves Every Working Woman’s Main Dilemma


Spending a considerable amount of time each morning pondering about what to prepare for lunch is almost every woman’s story. Worse still if you’re a working mom! You’ve been preparing shortcut meals to save time like filling your kids Tiffin boxes up with curd rice and lemon rice that they’ve now begun to complain of having had enough. And multitasking between getting ready for work and seeing to household affairs within the early hours of the morning can certainly be challenging sometimes. But if you’re the lady who is willing to find an effective solution no matter what, then we have some news that you will surely find insightful!

Now you can pack some yummy, nutritious lunch which will keep your kids excited about lunch break every single day! Juice junction food courts offer a wide and wholesome variety of sandwiches which include Channa Masala Grill, Palak Paneer Grill , Potato Onion Cheese Grill and a lot more grilled and plain sandwiches. Among North Indian, South Indian and Chinese cuisine, Juice Junction also offers a creative twist to the traditional Maggi Noodles. With mouth-watering options like: Mushroom Maggi and Paneer Maggi, your dilemma of giving your kids something new, tasty and wholesome has now reached an end.

So where can I find the nearest Juice Junction food court? Juice Junction has several food court centres spread across the city. Depending on your convenience, you can now visit the Juice Junction branches located either in HSR Layout,27th main or Koramangala food court  located opposite Koramangala Club.

City Fast Food Served Healthy at Juice Junction

As the New Year approaches, most of us Bangaloreans‘ time and again wind up making the same old resolution.

Let’s confess, it often sounds like, “This year I’m going to get fit!” Soon after, with great determination we enrol ourselves in fitness centres and even go on a diet. But then again, those diet regimes are sadly short lived. In truth, diets for the most of us are impractical! We live in fast-paced Bangalore, and in turn, this fast-paced lifestyle often means picking up fast food from a convenient location. And if you want to make sure that you’re making the right choice when it comes to picking up healthy and tasty food from a hygienic environment, pay close attention for the answer!

Busy Bangalore

In a city where refreshments and fast food are commonly available in almost every street, finding one that caringly caters to its customers every need is much less common. Juice Junction, a growing chain of refreshments & fast food outlets ensures fulfilling customers on every level. And how do the Juice Junction outlets achieve this state? At the several Juice Junction outlets located in Koramangala, HSR Layout, Basavanagudi, etc. customers can be assured that they receive a meal full of goodness as the refreshments & fast food brand truly care at providing its customers with taste, quality, variety, quantity, completely fresh and unadulterated meals & juices, a clean environment   and all of this at very affordable costs!

Due to Juice Junction’s commitment of providing their customers with the very best, over the years, the refreshments & fast food brand have also gained the trust and reputation from some of Bangalore’s largest and well acclaimed companies. The clientele of the Juice Junction refreshments & fast food brand has now expanded to include: Infosys, Juniper Networks, Nokia Siemens Networks and Gopalan Enterprises to name a few.