Chinese specials at Juice Junction

For centuries, there has been an active Chinese community in Kolkota that has been doling out their fusion recipes to a thriving hungry market. It is because of these people that we call noodles, manchurian and the like Chinese food even though it doesn’t even come from China. This uniquely Indian “Chinese” food has conquered the globe as an Indian phenomenon, popular as snacks or even meals in their own right.

And why wouldn’t they be popular? Just take a look at what Juice Junction has on the menu:

Gobi Manchurian

Try convincing a child to eat all his vegetables, lay on a lot of cauliflower. That plate of food is going to remain uneaten. And then the child will convince everyone else to get some gobi. It’s transformative!

How does this

turn into this?


And gobi comes in other varieties apart from the popular gobi manchurian.

Try our Gobi 65 variation

gobi 65

Or may be you’d like it spicy then Gobi Chilli’s for you

gobi chilli

After a few days of feasting on Gobi at Juice Junction, surely you’d want to see what else is available. And we won’t disappoint you – the variety will keep you coming for weeks on end!

Look at this spread of Paneer Manchurian

paneer manchurian

Mushroom Manchurian


Baby Corn Manchurian

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Paneer Chilli

8d74ff61ab772f39772753b207994770 (1)

Mushroom Chilli


Baby Corn Chilli

babycorn chilli

And we have some other specialities for you too! In years gone by, a new kind of manchurian has swept the town. What is essentially palak, or spinach, has come to be known by an amusing malapropism – Spanish Manchurian. Try out our Popeye variation on Chinese!

And hardly ever found, but in much demand from our customers, we’ve added two other items to the menu:

Aloo Manchurian


Veg Manchurian – You get all the veggies!


And where would we be without our Pepper Drys? With that characteristic flavour of a few curry leaves and that soft texture, it comes in two forms:

Mushroom Pepper Dry


Paneer Pepper Dry


Come back next time to see our second half of our Chinese selections with noodles and rice. Meanwhile, the next time you’re meeting someone, why don’t you try some paneer? A lot can happen over Chinese!


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