Chaats – The classic Indian evening snack!

It was December 16th, 2014. This writer has gone with a friend to pick up another from the airport. This Indian student returns for the Christmas holidays after a term in a German university. After 45 minutes of
elaborating the food and culture of a German town, he stops and say, “Forget everything. You know what I miss most? Pani puri, masala puri, chaat man. There’s only one thing back home that I can’t get anywhere

And it’s true. Chaat is a uniquely Indian style of cuisine that, unlike a lot of other Indian styles, is made only in our home country. Recently, it was listed as the number one thing that the American President Barack
Obama should do on a visit to India.
[citation –]

Certainly, Chaat and Indian Street Food have made an international impression of their flavour and cultural importance. And with what variety! Pani puri, originating in what is now south Bihar as Gol Gappa, has had so many nuanced changes in recipe as it moved down to Bengaluru.The same with bhel puri, sev puri, dahi puri, masala puri and so many interesting combinations too!

PAANI PURI – Choose to make it sweet or extra spicy or
may be you want the sukka puri – without the pani at all!


Bhel Puri – Got your own twist? Extra spice with a
little lemon? Some masala with no tomatoes? Choose your bhel puri!

Vada Pav – We make them when you want them, so you’re
never chewing a cold version of this delicious aloo treat. Try it with an
extra chilly, you’ll be surprised!

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Kachori and Samosa – Plain to experience its own taste
or as a chaat, mixed with fresh veggies and masala, the kachori and the
samosa are loved by travellers on journeys.

Dahi Puri – When you want something spicy or sweet and
curd to wash down that great taste.

At Juice Junction, we provide the entire stretch of chaat, so look no further for those hot vada pavs or kachoris, made fresh and right in front of you. Check out our stomach fillers at one of our branches today where we keep the food in street food and you keep healthy too.

Keeping to the nature of variety, we’ve our very own speciality: mixed fruit bhel puri. A steady mix of spice, sweeteners, fresh vegetables and fruit.

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